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Digital Democracy: More than Public Opinion Pieces

The UK coalition government today published the list of e-petitions it has received so far through its e-petition website. Top of the list of topics that may be debated in parliament is a request to bring back the death penalty … Continue reading

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Beyond the AV debate

A recent poll by the Institute of Public Policy Research showed that support for a switch to the Alternative Vote system (AV) from First-Past-The-Post may be growing in the UK. One of many, often contradictory, polls this one is just a small … Continue reading

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Deliberation in e-Participation

In a PhD supervision meeting with Professor Stephen Coleman, we reflected on the role of deliberation in e-participation. Drawing a distinction between collaboration and deliberation and noting the differences between talk, political talk, deliberation and political deliberation, we talked about … Continue reading

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Mediating debate for large scale argumentation

Mark Klein and colleagues recently developed a system for large scale online argumentation which goes some way to answering the question I posed in my last blog entry about how design can enable large scale deliberation within the bounds of … Continue reading

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Designing for deliberation (continued)

To add to my previous post on designing deliberative systems I have been reading Online Deliberation: Design, Research, and Practice by Todd Davies et al. (2009), particularly Part VI: Design of Deliberation Tools, as well as an interesting paper by Deen G Freelon … Continue reading

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Designing for deliberation

I’ve been pulling together bits of background reading over the last two weeks, particularly in the area of interface design for e-participation and designing systems for deliberation. This is far from an exhaustive list of papers, but I hope I … Continue reading

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Developing ideas…

Having looked at a range of case studies and read some of the literature I have tried to formulate some ideas about my research, starting with the major themes that must be present in research about e-participation. Participation: allowing the … Continue reading

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The real first supervision meeting

Having learnt a lot about the work done in argument visualisation as well as definition, creation and importance of deliberation in policy creation, I met with Stephen again, this time able to really talk about moving forward with the PhD. … Continue reading

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Scott Wright: Politics as usual? Revolution, normalisation and a new agenda for online deliberation research

The second ICS research seminar of the year featured Scott Wright commenting on the pessimism in reporting the impact of the internet on politics and highlighting the potential of “third spaces” (not work, not home) as platforms for deliberation. Describing … Continue reading

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