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Mediating debate for large scale argumentation

Mark Klein and colleagues recently developed a system for large scale online argumentation which goes some way to answering the question I posed in my last blog entry about how design can enable large scale deliberation within the bounds of … Continue reading

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Designing for deliberation

I’ve been pulling together bits of background reading over the last two weeks, particularly in the area of interface design for e-participation and designing systems for deliberation. This is far from an exhaustive list of papers, but I hope I … Continue reading

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Supervision meeting three

After my meeting with Ann, Stephen was aware of my difficulties in projecting a structure of research that is worthy of PhD. I talked about the areas I had worked on: case studies; different technologies and ways of looking at … Continue reading

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Developing ideas…

Having looked at a range of case studies and read some of the literature I have tried to formulate some ideas about my research, starting with the major themes that must be present in research about e-participation. Participation: allowing the … Continue reading

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The nature of deliberation

I have been fascinated to read articles by Ann Macintosh and many others describing the importance of deliberation in contributions used to formulate policy. Ann has summarised clearly the academic consensus on issues of individual voice versus expert opinion and … Continue reading

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